Holistic Fertility Therapies

Holistic Fertility Therapies focuses on supporting women seeking IVF success using mind body therapies, maximising chances of pregnancy.

I have created Fertile Foundations which combines various complimentary therapies for treatment of the whole person, tailored to align your mind and body, reducing the effects of emotional and physical stress in preparation for fertility treatment. 

Holistic Fertility Therapies specialises in IVF fertility. After having experienced my own IVF journey whilst retaining a balance in my full time career makes me your ideal person to help you achieve your dream of pregnancy and find an ideal work-life-IVF balance.

Having someone who understands you is invaluable during the challenges times of IVF. The journey can feel lonely, confusing and overwhelming, I will discuss with you about IVF fertility treatment, hold your hand and support you throughout.

Finding a work, home and IVF balance can be stressful and cause anxiety. Fertility therapies will help you find your perfect balance whilst optimising your fertility in preparation for IVF treatment. 

Whilst I can’t wave a magic wand to make you pregnant. I can use my skills in fertility therapies like; Fertility Hypnosis, Fertile Mind-Body methods, Fertility Massage, Reflexology and Nutrition which are all rapid techniques for lasting change. Creating a desired fertile state for your upcoming treatment. Therefore, maximising your chances of a successful IVF outcome, resulting in pregnancy.

Fertile Foundations

zoe jones holistic fertility therapies

Holistic Fertility Therapy mind-body techniques have been developed around key principles to optimal fertile health and this is how Fertile Foundations has been created.

Using research and my own experiences of many IVF cycles. I genuinely believe that these are all the vital areas that contribute towards the success of IVF treatment.

Our diet, lifestyle and work habits have all changed in ways that invite imbalances in our lives and have created a rise in infertility.

By looking into these areas of our lives, you can gain more self-awareness, take action and re-balance.

In using Fertile Foundations and fertility therapies with clients has produced many success stories.

Prepare your MIND FERTILE

Prepare your BODY FERTILE


How can Holistic Fertility Therapies help YOU

Now, let us talk about the  how Holistic Fertility Therapies can help you achieve pregnancy.

zoe jones holistic fertility therapies

FREE Consultation

Find out how I can help you reconnect with yourself with a free, no obligation, telephone or zoom consultation.

zoe jones holistic fertility therapies

Single 60-minute session

This session is for you if you find yourself needing an emotional detox or a nutrition analysis check.

zoe jones holistic fertility therapies

The complete IVF Mind-Body Programme

This package helps prepare you for IVF treatment using rapid mind-body techniques and supports you throughout.

Free Resources for Fertility Therapies

Now, let us talk about the IVF therapies.

zoe jones holistic fertility therapies

Fertility Focus

Trying to conceive is challenging, prepare and focus on your fertility journey here.

zoe jones holistic fertility therapies

Fertility Mind Focus

Do you have a fertile mindset?Are psychological barriers affecting fertility?

zoe jones holistic fertility therapies

Fertility Body Focus

Prepare your body and focus on your fertility.

zoe jones holistic fertility therapies

Thinking of having a baby?

Conception occurs when the right things happen at the right time.

zoe jones holistic fertility therapies

IVF Fertility Support

Starting IVF or experienced countless cycles and nothing is working?

zoe jones holistic fertility therapies

Pregnancy, Birth & Beyond

Hypnobirthing and Pre & Post Natal support

Free fertility therapy Support

zoe jones holistic fertility therapies

Grief & Loss

Miscarriage Support

Free support to help release the emotions that accompany grief and loss. 

zoe jones holistic fertility therapies

Giving Up Smoking

Quit for good

You’ve tried to give up so many times and all the stress is just making it worse. Free support for quitting smoking.

Holistic Fertility Therapies Testimonials

Understanding my fertility issue and all the emotions this would bring was so hard, but meeting Zoe and being able to talk to her helped me through one of the scariest, most confusing and loneliest times of my life. Zoe helped prepare me mentally for my first round of IVF fertility treatment through coaching and using various techniques like meditation. Unfortunately my first round was unsuccessful but with the tools Zoe equipped me with and her support, I am now the proud mum to twins. She really is a professional, personable and caring person whois so passionate about helping people, I couldn’t have and wouldn’t have survived this process without her.

zoe jones holistic fertility therapies

Name withheld

Having been trying for a baby for years with no success, suffering a miscarriage and also finding out I had a large fibroid growing just outside my womb, the journey to start a family was slow and very challenging for myself and my partner. Having been accepted for IVF through the NHS we were very fortunate to be given this opportunity and at around the same time, we were also introduced to Zoe. She was absolutely fantastic in offering advice on how to get my mind set and ready for this challenge including visualisation techniques and hypnosis and breathing techniques which were so helpful for me. She also provided me with a considerable amount of information on fibroids, how to deal with them, reduce them and what I can do to ease the process and understand what was happening in my body. Zoe was always available to answer any question I had and I would highly recommend her services to anyone in this Journey.

zoe jones holistic fertility therapies


Happy Client

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