Fertility Focus

Fertility Focus – What is the universe telling me?

When you think about your future and having a baby, you do not dream of a complicated story. It looks so much easier for other couples. You see the scan picture of another friend on FaceBook having a baby. Argh!!! Why can it not just happen for me?

Looking back at my journey, I now know that the universe was trying to teach me something. Unfortunately, I did not pick up on it until the 5th IVF cycle. 

“The only person who is educated is the one who has learned how to learn and change.”

                                                                                                                                     — Carl Rogers

Your fertility – flowers in bloom

The right things have to happen at the right time for conception. This statement is true, even if you are undergoing IVF treatment.

A flower will bloom if the environment, soil and the seed all react together and exposed to the proper conditions. There are several other factors to consider when planting seeds in the hope they grow into a beautiful and healthy flower.

It is the same for producing a baby your womb is the environment; the soil is your uterine lining; the seed is your embryo. Some flowers need more preparation than others to aid growth.

Contributing factors such as; stress, an unhealthy diet, harmful mindset and toxins could be affecting conditions for an optimal fertile state.

How a holistic approach can help me?

I am passionate about using a holistic approach to your fertility. I believe that all parts of you are intimately interconnected therefore I consider your fertility as a whole-self and not just your reproductive system. 

I aim to prepare your mind and body appropriately for the right fertile condition. I will work with you to devise a plan to work on your mind, body and soul by using up to date rapid techniques. 

If you wish to find out how I can help you create your fertile plan, please book in for a free 20-minute strategy call.

When you are confident you have done everything in your power to prepare yourself and your environment, it will help you relax into the IVF treatment.

After every IVF failure, I would look back and take any learnings from my failures and positively change accordingly to prepare me for the next cycle. By the time I was ready to conceive my son, I already knew it was going to happen as I felt positive, focused and self-actualised. 

So, what is next?