IVF Support

IVF Support – What now?

You and your partner have had the fertility tests, resulting in having to undergo IVF treatment to have a baby.

Being informed of this news to have your much-wanted baby can bring about a whole range of emotions. You will no doubt have a host of questions too because it may feel that you are stepping into the unknown which can make you feel confused.


Perhaps you have been through many cycles of treatment something just is not working and you are determined not to give in, you are exhausted.

Whatever your circumstance, I am here to guide you and help you make the necessary changes to optimise your chances of success.

In the early stages of my IVF treatment, I was hoping that the treatment would go well. It did not occur to me that my mind could be preventing pregnancy. I wish I had reached out for help sooner and not rushed into the treatment without really researching the possibilities of success with holistic health for fertility.

How can I optimise my chances?

Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) is developing rapidly; there are different treatments according to your circumstances (IUI, IVF, ICSI and egg donation). Holistic health techniques are effective when used in conjunction with fertility treatments.

I offer a solution-focused approach to your holistic fertility treatment, ensuring that:

    • You are guided through your treatment, meaning you stay in control and flexible.
    • Work alongside your fertility treatment by clearing your mind of any barriers affecting your chances of conception.
    • Ensuring your mind and body are communicating to enhance your chances of success.
    • Prepare your mind and body for the treatment – including nutrition, hypnotherapy and other holistic techniques.
    • Ensure your relationship with yourself and your partner flourishes through this challenging time.


The Complete IVF MInd-Body Programme – Consists of 6 x 60-minute sessions, booked at your convenience. A typical package includes hypnotherapy audio for the whole process and the following sessions:

    • 1 x Consultation
    • 2 x IVF Preparation
    • 1 x Pre-Treatment
    • 1 x During treatment
    • 1 x 2-week wait (after embryo transfer)
    • 1 x Free session for support if required.

A single 60-minute session if that all you need.

You may wish to give me a 30-minute strategy call to discuss your plan.

I learnt so much along my journey. I am passionate about passing on my knowledge to others in the same position. Investing in your holistic fertility health will save you heartache, money and time.