Pregnancy, Birth & Beyond

Conception, Pregnancy, Birth & Beyond


When you become pregnant after years of struggling to conceive, it can be daunting. You may feel a sense of worry about miscarriage or that something may go wrong. You may be finding it hard to acknowledge the pregnancy until you reach a ‘safe’ moment.

Past experiences could hinder your joy of being pregnant, and you may be in a state of disbelief that you’re finally pregnant.

You receive a great deal of support during IVF fertility treatment. Past the 2 week-wait, suddenly the support stops and you may feel alone. 

Anxiety, fear and panic are all quite natural responses.

The Pregnancy and Birth package can help reduce anxiety and help build confidence in your body and enjoy your pregnancy.


You have come so far in your fertility journey now you can look forward to the birth of your child. For some, this part may be fearful because there may be a part of you worrying that something may go wrong.

For most expectant mothers, the thought of labour is scary because you have watched one born every minute. It has been dramatised for TV and will instil fear and worry.

You can’t predict how labour will workout, you can, however, prepare as best as you can. Arming yourself with the knowledge of what occurs to your body during birth will boost your confidence.

I aim to prepare you for birth by:

  • Resolving any worries and anxieties.
  • Teaching you what is happening to your body during labour.
  • Prepare your body and mind for labour by using hypnobirthing techniques.
  • Giving you audios designed for birth preparation and relaxation.

The Pregnancy and Birth package can help you reduce your levels of anxiety and help you build confidence in your body to have the labour you want.

I was freaking out about labour. My anxiety went through the roof over the unknown pain and fears that something may go wrong. I carried out some self-help techniques to find a resolution. Once I reframed what I was feeling, I began to feel more excited about the birth. I couldn’t wait to meet my little boy. 

Nutrition and Supplementation advice for IVF Treatment, Pregnancy & Beyond.

Are you confused about what supplements you should be taking? Are you getting enough nutrients for a healthy fertile body?

Nutrition is a key in promoting optimal fertility and therefore, should be taken seriously as part of your fertility journey. 

Making nutrition part of your fertility journey will help create a habit you can easily embed into your daily routine. Strict diets can cause people to lose interest as they may not be sustainable, especially during fertility treatment.

Just like a flower, it will bloom when all elements are right, your body is the environment, your uterus is the soil, and your egg is the seed. All parts require the correct nourishment for growth.  

A healthy nutritious body will promote good egg quality, a well-nourished uterine lining for implantation and encourage hormonal balance.

Each stage of your journey will require different levels of nutrients. I aim to give you the correct advice and guidance for an optimal fertile body.

I will analyse your diet and make a plan according to your needs, and you will receive a full report.

If you wish to have a personalised nutrition plan created for you at any stage of your fertility journey, please contact me for a free 20-minute strategy call.

Fitness for IVF Treatment, Pregnancy & Beyond.

For some women, fitness plays a role in their lives. When you are going through fertility challenges, fitness should fall to a lower intensity to not overstress your body.

There is no reason for fitness to stop completely. It changes according to your fitness level and each stage of your fertility treatment and pregnancy

Your body will need plenty of time for recovery after birth. You should re-start fitness when it’s suitable depending on your circumstances and how your labour was. Those who have a caesarean section will require more recovery time. 

After my 12-week scan, I believed this was my ‘safe’ zone, I felt content to carry out low-intensity jogging and a gym routine. 

I can create a fitness programme according to your level of fitness and your circumstances.

If you’re interested in having a fitness programme created for you at any stage of your fertility journey, please contact me for a free 20-minute strategy call.