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Fertility and IVF Terminology Glossary

Have you got information overload on fertility and IVF terminology? You’re not alone!

When you’re trying to conceive, or TTC, and find yourself reading up on the latest fertility blogs and forums. There is a language for pregnancy, fertility, and infertility terms and most of it is abbreviated or creating acronyms.

Just like I did, you’ll probably feel lost and confused so here are a few of the common terms used on forums like Fertility Friends or Mums net.

‘It’s a different language that you have to learn to feel part of the fertility community’. What women are saying in my Facebook Group: The Fertility Bubble

The lingo on the fertility forums has been designed to abbreviate terminology and to create a community where those who are dealing with infertility can normalise their situation and feel accepted through their fertility journey. 

I have listed the abbreviations that will get you started:

Fertility and IVF Abbreviation

Fertility Medical Terminology

Get up to speed with the fertility medical terminology……

Be in control of your fertility and prepare yourself with the medical fertility terminology you will need during your journey, your fertility clinic will be using this during your consultation and appointments.

Many who begin fertility treatment, are confused with all the information that is thrown their way, this list will give you a head start, making you feel in control of your journey. Understanding the terminology prior to appointments, will allow you to ask questions about what it means to you and your partner.

Although, the list is long, it does make for easy reading, use the QR code below or use the link to access the full list.

List of Fertility Medical Terminology

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Please go easy on yourself whilst learning fertility terminology, take your time and ask questions to your clinic if you’re unsure. 

This information was gathered from the NHS website where you can find a plethora of information.

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