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Male Infertility and Mental Health

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Though it is still unknown exactly what causes male infertility, over 30% of instances are due to unknown reasons. Of the known reasons, however, 10% are because of semen quality difficulties, another 10% are because of illnesses, approximately 40% are due to varicocele, and 20% remain unexplained (a condition which alludes to the growing of the veins). Fertility issues in men may be attributed to several fundamental causes, but the main two are the number and quality of sperms.

There is a rise in male infertility over the last several decades owing to contemporary day influences such as increased job pressures, poor mental and physical health, bad lifestyle, bad eating habits, drinking and smoking, and lack of physical activity and exercise.

Much of the time, men are hesitant to get themselves tried, and thus the fault consistently moves to the female accomplice. Customarily men are likewise humiliated of getting themselves tried for infertility. It is an off-base idea to say and accept if men figure such exams or tests may prompt loss of sexual interest and execution.

A man makes millions of sperms daily, and just like any other cells in the body older sperm cells are gotten rid of. To sum it up, it is true that, with age, the chance of males running out of sperm is nonexistent. In contrast, the chance of women running out of eggs with age is quite real. However, as previously said, other factors—including age—might alter the quality of sperms produced, as a result, may result in male fertility reduction.

Male sensitisation of whether various things may cause infertility is crucial.

Common causes of male infertility that are not known

Drinking hot water is not a cause of male infertility; however, taking hot baths or sitting in a hot tub for too long or too frequently is proved to induce male infertility.   In a hot sauna, male fertility is not impacted nearly as much. The testicles may be able to stay cooler because of their structure.

While hot tubs might create testicular problems since the testicles are immersed in hot water, they are exposed to excessive heat without a means to cool down. When there is excessive heat for an extended period, it harms the scrotum and the quality of the sperm. So, avoiding hot baths for lengthy periods or having hot baths often is not encouraged for good fertility.

Male infertility and Mental Wellness

A common occurrence man is that they may be reluctant to admit to feelings of depression and sadness, resulting in outward expressions that appear to be angry instead. In contrast to anger, other emotions such as grief, shyness, and guilt may cause men to withdraw even further and repress emotional responses.

When a man is diagnosed with male factor infertility, he frequently feels as if it is his fault, especially if it connects to an earlier life event. For example, illnesses, athletic injuries, and child abuse are frequently mocked or criticised because they are seen as the simplest explanations for difficulties in one’s life.

Feelings of inadequacy

Feeling inadequate is one of the concerns that emerge with their male partner. Even if these views lack merit, men who hold to these concepts will maintain that their manliness rests upon their capacity to impregnate their wives. If you want to see an example of an analogy, go no further than a proud father who brags about having children. A guy who must masturbate into a cup and submit to an unpleasant examination to identify the fundamental reason for his infertility has feelings of inadequacy.


Guilt is a common reaction in men who suffer from male factor infertility. Many men know that their wives want children, so they suffer guilt because they feel like a barrier to realising their spouses’ dreams. When you look at it rationally, you may see that no one deserves blame, but this knowledge will not alleviate the emotions related to infertility. Allow your partner to approach you as much as possible, and remind yourself that you are both on this journey together.

Breaking Up of Relationships

Marriages might suffer as well. Men often feel as though they have let their wives down. The marital connection may suffer as a result of the stress. A spouse may recommend that she locate a “genuine” male who can naturally bear her a kid. Small conflicts might become exaggerated. Some men may seek sex outside of marriage to validate their manhood and attraction to a woman, which will only exacerbate the couple’s troubles.

Male factor infertility might have an influence on other relationships in addition to your marriage. Men may shun relatives and acquaintances who have their children. Holiday gatherings with young children may be unpleasant reminders of infertility. Because males are less comfortable communicating their feelings with friends and coworkers, these encounters do not provide helpful outlets for grievances, leading to a guy withdrawing deeper.

Physical Reactions are Manifested

When a man is diagnosed with male factor infertility, sexual issues might arise. It is possible to have erectile dysfunction and lack of desire. When a guy doubts his masculinity, he may become so concerned about his capacity to operate as a “man” that he cannot develop or sustain an erection. These similar issues might take away his desire for sex. Treatment may jeopardise sex privacy because diagnostic methods may need “on-demand sex,” exacerbating these issues. Worry and frustration may sap the enjoyment and intimacy out of a sexual relationship.

Heightened Feel of Insecurity

Fertility troubles, without a doubt, illustrate how little control we have over our bodies. Men must feel powerful in their daily lives. It might be frightening for a guy to realise that he has no control over his reproduction capacity.


Male fertility has been an issue that currently needs to be addressed intensively—affecting a large significant number of men and leading to psychological issues.

A brave tip for men who are uncertain of their male fertility decline they should consider having their sperm froze. People in risky occupations like army and those going for risky operations or medical procedures. In doing so, one knows that in case of anything negative happening they are well sorted and have a plan B.

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