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Why Is this happening to me?

When you first thought about having a baby, you did not envisage having to undergoing IVF treatment. Whether you are new to fertility treatment or you have had several attempts already, it can leave you feeling powerless and frustrated.

Are you trying to keep up with your work life with a thousand questions about how IVF will work and fit into your life? You have more than likely heard someone say ” relax and it will happen ” leaving you feeling helpless in finding a balance.

You may find it tough and unfair watching friends having babies whilst you navigate your way through IVF treatment, wishing life was simpler.

All of this can feel isolating, your dreams of becoming a mum looking a million miles away.

I have encountered these problems. I completely understand the complexities of IVF treatment and the vulnerability you may be feeling. I had to find a way to regain my sense of control and create a balance between work and IVF.

How I can help you?

 “Contemplate yourself surrounded by the conditions you wish to create’              Dr Wayne Dyer

I appreciate your goal is to have a baby, this is something you can’t control or make happen, although it’s important you hold this intention as an outcome and to utilise as a visualisation. It is my aim to ensure you have a healthy body and mind in which to create the right environment for conception.

I am here to guide you through this challenging time by helping you to:

    • Teach you how to shape a balanced work-home life, meaning you can undergo IVF treatment with more flexibility.
    • Emotionally detoxing your mind and reconnecting your mind and body.
    • Establish good communication between your mind, body and womb.
    • Finding a resolution to negative past experiences or future fears that are preventing you from conception.
    • Collaborate with you to help self-growth to promote relaxation.
    • Help you to remove any psychological barriers affecting your ability to have a baby.
    • Give you self-care strategies for when it gets tough.
    • Work with any physical conditions and improve your hormonal health.
    • Help you to gain back control over your life and the IVF treatment.
    • Offer sound nutritional advice and support to produce quality eggs and create a healthy environment for your embryos.
    • Prepare and support you through your IVF treatment.

Your mind and body hold all your answers. I aim to facilitate you finding the resources to help you steer your way to an optimal fertile mind and body for conception.

You may wish to find out more about what I can do for you, book for a free 30-minute consultation.

There is no need to muddle through your IVF treatment feeling lonely.

Do you want to achieve your dreams?

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